Helping developers and companies speak the same language.

Hetchr provides a platform where developers can track, visualize and share their work activity while enabling companies to better understand how they work.

For developers

We know it can be hard for non-coders to understand your work. Hetchr gives you a platform to show your skills while automating your reports, so you can focus on what you love: coding. Let’s make work feel less like work.

Focus on code and nothing else more open button

Simply connect your tools to our platform and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Our list of connections is constantly expanding.

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Build a customized track record more open button

Measuring and assigning a value to your work is not easy. We create a history of your actions and help translate it into skills.

Harness the power of collaborationmore open button

We give you a dedicated space and the option to create a team with your peers. Anyone can join your space for free.

Automate your reportsmore open button

We take care of your reports so that you can focus on what matters most.

Control your data more open button

We believe privacy and trust are essential. That’s why you have full control over your data. You can choose what to share with the world, or what to keep for yourself.

Monitor your progress more open button

Improve your performance, compare yourself to other developers, participate in Quests and receive rewards for your work!

For companies

We know that managing developers is not an easy task. The constant moving parts can make it tough to keep a pulse on your team’s progress. Hetchr translates your developers’ daily activities into simple and understandable insights and KPI’s.

Understand how your developers work more open button

We give you a real time overview of what your developers do, so you can better understand their workflow and improve your management of both projects and people.

Find the right skillset for your project more open button

Developers come from various backgrounds with different skills levels. Hetchr helps you further understand your team’s skill level so you can make informed staffing decisions.

Make your reports hassle-free more open button

Management is about people not paperwork. We save you time and money by automating your reports.

Keep your team engaged more open button

Sometimes developers need a little extra push to get to the finish line. Keep them motivated by creating Quests, where they can participate to earn rewards.

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